2.1 Creating tickets

When a customer faces an issue they need to report, they login to the end user portal and raise an incident (or a service request, if they need to request for an item). But what if they decide to call instead? Or send you an email?

Dworkin Helpdesk allows for the creation of tickets through 3 main channels.

1. End User Portal- Users can raise an incident or a service request from the end user portal.

2. Email- Your service desk has a specific email address that the account admin set when they signed up for Dworkin Helpdesk. When a user sends an email to this address, it becomes a ticket automatically.

3. Phone- When a customer decides to give you a call to report an incident or, for that matter, just walk over to your desk, you can create a ticket on their behalf.


You can do this by clicking on New and selecting incident/Service Request.

If you’re already on the Tickets tab, you can click on New Incident/Request Item.

Fill in the form, attach the affected configuration item (device name from the database). Add any file then click on one of the three save options.

Why three different save options?

While creating a ticket, you can use the most relevant option. Here’s what they do:

Save- Saves changes and creates the ticket.

Save and New- Saves changes, creates the ticket and then creates another ticket.

Save and Close- Saves changes, creates the ticket and changes its status to ‘closed’.  Use this option when you need to simply document an incident etc.