2.3 Viewing and updating tickets

You can access some of the options to update tickets right from the ticket list.

Here are some quick updates you can make to multiple tickets at this level:

Use this….

To do this…


Select the ticket(s) that you don’t need any more and click Delete

Pick up

Take ownership of a ticket

Flag Spam

Mark as Spam


Close a Ticket

Assign to Agent

Assign multiple tickets to a particular agent

Bulk Actions

You will find this feature quite handy when you want to update multiple tickets simultaneously.  Things  that  you

can change:

● Type

● Status

● Priority

● Group

● Category

● Agent

● Department

You can also add a bulk reply to multiple tickets.


Use this feature in case you want to merge the selected

ticket(s) with another ticket. This is useful in cases like

the same issue being reported by multiple members of a

Team. We’ll discuss ‘merging’ tickets in detail later.

You can also click on Export to save ticket data as an Excel spreadsheet or a CSV file.

From the list of tickets, click on the one you want to view or update. This opens the tickets

detailed view that looks similar to this.

You can view everything you need to know about the ticket here- right from its status, priority

and due date to the requester’s details.

This view also lets you access more options to update the ticket’s properties. Here’s everything

you can view and update here.

If an admin adds additional fields to the ticket creation form, they will also be displayed here.