2.4 Assigning tickets

Once  a  ticket  is  created,  it  shows  up  in  the  tickets  tab  as  ‘Unassigned’.

 It needs to be assigned to an agent from the right team, so that they can start working on it.

Dworkin Helpdesk provides service desk admins with a set of options to automate such tasks. New

tickets can be assigned to a specific team (and also the next available agent from that team) by

creating simple rules. For instance, if a ticket contains the word “MSSQL”, it can be sent to the

Database team automatically using a simple ‘if this then that’ rule.

That said, you can assign multiple tickets to yourself or fellow agents from the ticket list.

Select the tickets you want to assign to yourself (or a fellow agent) and click on Pick Up (or

Assign to Agent).

If you’re already at the detailed view of the ticket, you can assign it to a specific agent (or

yourself) from the Agent field in Ticket Properties.